Multi-Stakeholder Initiatives

Improve data quality for your members + encourage and enable transparency

MSIs across sectors and supply chains are making use of OS Hub's deduplication algorithm, improving data quality for their members and enabling interoperability between systems. Here are some resources and instructions for how you can make the most of OS Hub.

Until Open Supply Hub, factory matching across platforms has been very challenging. The OS ID provides the vital common point of reference that allows us to combine multiple IDs across multiple MSIs in the same record to achieve interoperability.

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- Sheetal Parikh Patel Chief Technical Officer, Fair Factories Clearinghouse

Looking to improve data quality and enable interoperability for your internal systems and members?

Add your supply chain data to OS Hub to make use of our deduplication algorithm and access a universal ID scheme (the OS ID) for production facilities.

There are two ways to add data to Open Supply Hub:

1. The OS Hub API

Have a database that you want to automatically integrate with OS Hub?

OS Hub offers one and two-way integrations between user databases and OS Hub via API. Worldly and ZDHC are two organizations using OS Hub’s API to automate the integration of OS IDs into their respective systems.

Visit our API page to learn more.

2. Upload via CSV or Excel File

Are you collecting supply chain data from your members? As an MSI, you can upload an aggregated list of the facilities with which your members are connected. You can view submissions by Nirapon Inc., Fair Wear Foundation, and the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles, as examples.

Follow these guides for instructions on how to prepare, upload and make the most of your data in OS Hub.

Support your members on their transparency journey

Many multi-stakeholder initiatives work with members who are at very different stages in their transparency journey. There are many ways to interact with Open Supply Hub to support your members, wherever they are, including:

  • Collecting supply chain data from your members and uploading it as an aggregated list to OS Hub under the name of your MSI. This gives your members a taste of the benefits of supply chain transparency and the benefits of OS Hub. You can even display that aggregated data on your website in an interactive map. From there, you can encourage individual organizations to contribute their data separately.
  • Requiring data sharing on Open Supply Hub as part of membership. Many MSIs are looking to run collaborative programs within their membership, but can’t do so until they can see the supply chain data of their members and where they share relationships with facilities . OS Hub is happy to provide you with content so you can encourage your members to make use of our platform to support your membership activities. Contact our team for support.
  • Host a session on the power of open data and transparency. The Open Supply Hub team is always willing to share stories of impact and tips for successful transparency initiatives, to support you in conversations with your members. Contact our team to set up a webinar for your membership.

Have questions?

First, check out our FAQs page - we may have already answered your question! If you can't find what you need there, please reach out to and we are happy to assist you.

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