What is Open Supply Hub?

Open Supply Hub (OS Hub) is an accessible, collaborative, supply chain mapping platform, used and populated by stakeholders across sectors and supply chains.

It's Open Supply Hub's 5th Birthday!

Join us in celebrating 5 years of powering the transition to safe and sustainable supply chains through open data.

In these last 5 years, our organization and team have grown a lot, and amassed a wide range of knowledge and expertise, from geospatial technology, to due diligence legislation, to collective action programs.

So, to celebrate this milestone in our organization's life, we've launched a blog. Check out our first round of posts - from a peek at our strategy for the next 3 years, to some of the stats and stories that have defined our work to-date.

We provide open access to global supply chain data, including where production facilities are located and the ecosystem surrounding a facility.

Here’s how it works:

Consider some of the biggest issues facing the world’s supply chains today, like modern slavery or deforestation.

We can only begin to solve these problems if we work collaboratively.

Unfortunately, supply chain data is so messy and opaque, it’s hard to know where to start.

What’s keeping us from working collaboratively?


Facility name and address data is not standardized and often full of errors. If you’re comparing facility data, it’s hard to know if you’re even talking about the same place.

No Universal
Facility ID

Current ID schemes are only available in certain systems and/or for a fee, preventing seamless data exchange between any platform or organization.

Inaccessible Information

Data is not open or easily accessible to all parties and stakeholders, leaving glaring inequities in who is invited to work on supply chain improvements.

Gaps in

Data lives in many different places. These siloed datasets make it difficult to get a complete picture of global supply chains.

Open Supply Hub solves those problems. Together, we are building...

A Reliable, Interoperable

All data contributed to the platform is cleaned and deduplicated by a matching algorithm and then assigned an industry-standard ID that is free and accessible to all.

Living in One

Using an open data model, anyone wishing to share or search supply chain data can do so in a single place.

That Enables

The user-generated dataset gives visibility into which organizations are connected to which facilities, accelerating collaboration.

Give it a try

Want to find overlaps in the supply chains of multiple organizations? Need a free ID scheme for your facilities to track data across systems? Looking for organizations you can collaborate with on supply chain improvements?

You’re in the right place.

It’s completely free to upload, search, or download data from OS Hub.

Open Supply Hub in Numbers

Facility data from around the world is added to and updated in OS Hub every day.


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