Advancing Collaboration, Transparency & Data Sharing Across Your Membership

Watch this one-hour presentation to learn best practices from fellow multi-stakeholder initiatives for using open supply chain data as a base for advancing a variety of different types of work across your membership.

At the heart of almost any collaborative supply chain program is data. From identifying the right participants, to the highest opportunity implementation location(s), to ensuring others can learn from, join and build on what you’ve created, the building blocks of a successful collaboration all come down to having easy access to the data you need.

Knowing this, more and more multi-stakeholder initiatives and member organizations are incorporating transparency and data sharing pillars into their work. Watch this recording from May 7, 2024, to hear straight from three of these MSI leaders, who discuss how transparency fits into their vision and strategy, what it took (or is taking) to implement it internally, and the benefits they’ve seen for themselves and their members.

MSI Panelists:

  • Amelia Cherry, Senior Progression Advisor, Ethical Trading Initiative
  • Linda Schraml, Head of the Secretariat of the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles (GIZ)
  • Shivdi Singh, Business Innovation Lead, Ethical Tea Partnership

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