List your facility on OS Hub

Submit your facility data to raise your profile with potential clients and use your free OS ID to ensure customers and service providers know which facility is yours.

Why list and claim your facility(ies) on OS Hub and obtain an OS ID:

  • Brands are likely already listing your facility(ies) in OS Hub. Ensure that the information shared is correct.

  • Up-to-date profiles lead to new business relationships and add credibility through visible connections with other customers and organizations.

  • Obtain a unique, recognized facility ID, eliminating confusion for customers if there are variations in your facility name and / or address.

  • Claiming a facility enables owners and / or senior management to add additional information to the facility profile, including production capabilities, MOQs, certifications and more.

How to add and claim your facilities on OS Hub:

Interested in listing and managing your facility or facilities on OS Hub? It is free to do so. Here's how:

1. Add your facility(ies): Create a free account and then follow these instructions to upload your facility(ies) (if you own/represent a single facility, you can upload a list with a single facility).

2. Claim your facility(ies): Once you have finished uploading your facility(ies), click Owners or managers can claim this facility on each of your facility profiles. You can learn more about this process in our Claim a Facility Guide.

This needs to be done on a facility by facility basis, so if you upload multiple facilities, you need to claim each of them. You will be asked to complete three short steps to verify your identity, which should take no more than 5 minutes. Once your claim has been verified, you will be able to add additional data points.

Please be informed that we will need to verify your company name and address, as well as the person who submitted the request to approve your claim(s). Your company website, a business card, a business registry or other official documents such as audit reports, certifications and/or company-headed letters with owners’ or senior managers’ signatures can be acceptable for verification.

Arvind Limited believes there are real benefits to facilities and factory groups engaging with Open Supply Hub. By being able to demonstrate the relationships of your facility through the affiliations visible on the site, and directing people to OS Hub as a verified resource, OS Hub serves to enhance trust between supplier and client.


Looking for your OS ID?

First, check if your facility is already listed in OS Hub. Type your facility name into the facility search field. If your facility is already listed in the tool, you'll see it in the search results and can copy your OS ID from your facility page.

If you don't see your facility yet or you wish to add more or different information, follow the directions below to add and claim your facility.

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Have questions?

First, check out our FAQs page - we may have already answered your question! If you can't find what you need there, please reach out to info@opensupplyhub.org and we are happy to assist you.

Claim a Facility

Want to learn more about facility claims on OS Hub and how they work? Check out our Claim a Facility guide.

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