What is it?

Connecting with OS Hub's API enables users to programmatically query and exchange data with Open Supply Hub.

2023 Food & Beverage Open Data Challenge

Do you work in the food & beverage sector? Join us in building and opening up the largest cross-commodity supply chain database available. Share your data in OS Hub by the end of the year to meet our 2023 Challenge. Register for this webinar to get started.

By using Open Supply Hub as the central source of truth for facility location data, we can match our facilities easily and quickly with any external dataset and return OS IDs to users. This is a great jump-start on the real work: finding ways to collaborate on facility performance improvement." [View Full Case Study]

- Worldly

Does your organization...

  • manage large amounts of supply chain data?
  • lack a unique ID scheme for the identification of facilities within your database?
  • have a known issue with duplicate entries in your dataset?
  • want to improve the quality of data for facilities in your database?
  • track a dynamic supply chain and need to regularly refresh active or inactive relationships?
  • want to better understand shared connections at facilities?
  • spend too much time manually comparing data between databases?
  • complete repeat searches, either on behalf of members or in order to verify data?
  • need to sync or compare your dataset against another database, be that a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system or an MSI initiative?

Automation of all of these functions is possible by connecting with Open Supply Hub’s API.

Data available

All users of the API are able to access the data points for facilities available in OS Hub, including:

  • Name
  • Address
  • OS ID
  • GPS coordinates
  • Data Contributor connections
  • Number of workers
  • Parent company
  • Type of product
  • Type of processing
  • Type of facility
  • Sector

API users are able to pull data from OS Hub, or query the system, without having to add data to the tool. They are also able to push data to OS Hub [anonymously], meaning that their organization will not be visibly connected through the front end of the platform to facilities in the database.


There are currently four Push/Pull API packages available:

Green table showing the full price list for OS Hub's API connection

Pull API access

Pull access to the API is included in the above pricing packages. The entry-level API 500 package can be used for free, pull-only access.

Interested in pulling the entire OS Hub dataset on a one-off basis?
Contact the team for pricing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike manual data contributions to Open Supply Hub, the API works on a per facility basis. When pushing data to OS Hub via API, users are able to choose for each facility whether or not to be listed publicly as the data Contributor, e.g. as "Higg". When users choose to contribute anonymously, their contributions are listed as "A multi-stakeholder initiative", "A service provider", "A civil society organization" etc.

Open Supply Hub offers a program for qualifying civil society organizations to apply for free / discounted access to this Premium Feature. Check out our free / discounted API access policy to see if you qualify. If you believe you do, apply through this form.

Technical Resources

Looking for technical documentation?

Visit our Developer Resources to access our Swagger Documentation and Python Library.

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