The impact of Open Supply Hub would not be possible without the wide range of supporters that contribute to the change our platform and its data creates. From organizations sharing their data, to funders, those who use OS Hub to advocate for vulnerable communities, and everyone who cheers us on from the sidelines, we’re truly humbled and grateful for your support.


Open Supply Hub is grateful to receive funding from a mixture of philanthropic organizations, government institutions and corporations. If you’re interested in exploring funding Open Supply Hub, please email:

DRK Foundation


Humanity United

Laudes Foundation

Patrick J McGovern Foundation

The Walt Disney Company

Technical Steering Committee

Members of the Technical Steering Committee support the technical direction and development of OS Hub, support our financial sustainability, and bring together the expertise, insights, and needs of a multi-stakeholder group of users. Collectively, this group will support our vision of a world where supply chain data is open, trusted and harnessed to benefit people and planet.



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