ZDHC Gateway integrates the Open Apparel Registry ID

ZDHC, March 2021

Integration of the Open Apparel Registry (OAR) Facility identifier (ID) into the ZDHC Gateway leads to improved insights about facilities, expediting collaboration between brands and facilities.

ZDHC deepens its collaboration with the OAR by implementing its Facility ID in the ZDHC Gateway platform via an API connection. The latter allows for the verification of facility name and address data and registers it onto a unique OAR ID. With more organisations and initiatives using the single OAR ID, it increases the accuracy of all data referring to a production site. Improved insights expedite efficient collaboration at the facility level while reducing audit fatigue for both facilities and brands.

Integrating OAR IDs into the (ZDHC) Gateway is an important step toward understanding our shared supply chain and aggregating information across platforms. This integration will enable more efficient and effective collaboration between brands and other important stakeholders, and we look forward to how this can accelerate progress toward our shared goals.

- John Stokes, Head of Global Sustainability, NEW BALANCE ATHLETICS, Inc.

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