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Contribute to and make use of OS Hub

Civil society organizations around the world are contributing to and/or using the Open Supply Hub in support of their missions. Here are some resources and instructions for how you can use OS Hub to do the same.

Looking for inspiration and want to hear how other civil society organizations are making use of OS Hub data?

Civil society organizations are using OS Hub to:

  • Find which brands/organizations are connected to facilities to speed up access to remedy
  • Overlay facility data with social or environmental data to determine priority regions for projects
  • Hone in on which organizations would be the strongest partners for a program, based on their connections with facilities in certain regions

Read specific stories in the case studies below and on our Resources page.

Searching OS Hub

Data in Open Supply Hub is available for anyone to search and download manually, for free. Get tips for how you can set up OS Hub search you are looking for.

Transparency is the first step towards accountability, and Open Supply Hub makes supply chain transparency accessible. Finding links between factories where labor violations are taking place and the brands sourcing from them is the cornerstone of our work. To do this easily, we need transparent supply chain data shared in a user-friendly database. Open Supply Hub provides this critical tool.

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- Thulsi Narayanasamy, Director of International Advocacy, Worker Rights Consortium

Uploading Data to OS Hub

Are you collecting facility data as part of your programs? Civil society organizations are a key stakeholder in contributing data to OS Hub. Visit these step-by-step guides for directions to prepare, upload, and make the most of your data on OS Hub.

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Have questions?

First, check out our FAQs page - we may have already answered your question! If you can't find what you need there, please reach out to and we are happy to assist you.

Want to integrate your database with OS Hub?

We offer one and two-way integrations between user databases and OS Hub through our API. We run a program for qualifying civil society organizations to apply for free/discounted access to this Premium Feature. Learn more about how the OS Hub API works and check out our free/discounted API access policy, to see if you qualify. If you believe you do, you can apply through this form.

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