Claim a Facility

Open Supply Hub enables facility owners or managers to claim facilities. Once a facility claim is verified by OS Hub staff, the facility claimant can add information about the facility such as a description of the facility, contact information, and production info which is displayed publicly on the facility details page.

What is a Claimed facility on OS Hub?

Facility owners and/or senior management are able to claim their facility profile on Open Supply Hub and, after a short verification process, add additional details including production capabilities, MOQs, lead times, certifications and more.

How Claims are Verified (Disclaimer)

For verified facility claims, OS Hub staff has verified through a three-step process that the claimant has a genuine connection to the facility it is claiming and sufficient authority to make the claim. However, OS Hub staff does not verify each detail the claimant subsequently adds about a facility, e.g. production capabilities, certifications, MOQs etc.

If you believe that some claimed facility data is inaccurate or incorrect, please send an email to with a link to the facility details page and an explanation of the problem.

Facility Owners/Senior Management: How to Claim your facility(ies)

Check out our complete guide for factories and facilities, to learn how to upload and claim your facility(ies) on the OS Hub and/or watch the below video.

Brands: Encourage your suppliers to claim their facilities

Have you uploaded your supplier list to OS Hub? Now you can reach out to your facilities to let them know that they are listed on the Open Supply Hub and can claim their profile. Check out some sample text you can use here.

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