Before and After: Example Data for OS Hub

Here's a quick example of how some sample facility data looked before and after it was prepared for upload to OS Hub.

As you are working through the guide for preparing your data for OS Hub, please refer to the below example for some formatting best practices.


In the below screenshot, the following formatting will need to be amended:

  • Headers do not match the provided template
  • City and zip code are in separate cells
  • Product types are separated by a comma
  • Where there was no data, N/A has been entered


  • Headers from OS Hub templates have been used
  • The full address has been concatenated into the address cell
  • Product types have now been separated by a vertical bar and relevant sectors have also been added
  • For cells where there is no data, they are left blank

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to

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