Moderating Duplicates

Data in Open Supply Hub is contributed by stakeholders from across retail supply chains. With such a wide range of organizations contributing data to the tool on a daily basis, OS Hub works hard to ensure that facility data in OS Hub is as accurate and trustworthy as possible. Read more about how data in OS Hub is processed and moderated.

As part of our on-going moderation work, the OS Hub team dedicates extensive resources to eliminating duplicates within the database.

What is considered a duplicate entry in OS Hub (and should be moderated)

If there are multiple entries for a facility that:

  • Are located at the same address

  • Represent the same unit/plot/building number(s)


  • Have the same name (or facility management has verified that there are multiple English language names for one facility)

Then those entries are candidates for merging.

What is not considered a duplicate entry in OS Hub (and should be left as separate facility profiles)

  • Facilities with the same name and/or address, but different unit/plot/building numbers*

  • Facilities with the same name but different addresses or vice versa

*Why separate out individual units/plots/buildings, even if they share the same facility name and address otherwise? Many users of Open Supply Hub are looking for facility data at the plot/unit level, to ensure that for their programs, missions or initiatives, they are visiting or accounting for every potential unit associated with a facility.

How to prevent duplicates in Open Supply Hub

If you are uploading data to Open Supply Hub, the best thing you can do to help prevent duplicate entries in OS Hub is to upload a clean dataset. The top two items to pay attention to are:

  • Ensuring you do not have duplicate facilities in the list that you upload

  • Only upload one plot/unit/building per line in your upload. This way, our algorithm and moderation team can easily match entries unit by unit.

How to flag a duplicate entry in Open Supply Hub

If you do spot a duplicate in Open Supply Hub, please alert the OS Hub team. You can do so by clicking the “Report as duplicate” flag on the facility profile and sharing the name(s) and/or OS ID(s) of the duplicate(s) you found.

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