Webinar Recording: Advancing Data Standardization, Transparency and Collaboration in Food & Beverage Supply Chains

Watch this one-hour presentation to learn how opening up supply chain data can accelerate impact and meet the growing demands of due diligence legislation.


Stakeholders in the food and beverage sector are facing mounting legislation around due diligence, deforestation and ESG reporting. To meet this moment, questions range from: “Where do I start?” to “How do we set ourselves up for long-term success and impact, rather than defensively answering each call as it comes?”

The answer to each of these questions is to step out of stakeholder, commodity, and/or sector siloes and work together. And the necessary first step to be able to work collaboratively long-term, is to invest in creating a higher quality, open, cross-sector supply chain dataset.

This one-hour presentation walks through how opening up supply chain data can not only bring about the impact that so many are striving for, but also leads to greater efficiency and interoperability along the way. Hear stories and lessons from other sectors, tips for readying your supply chain data to meet due diligence demands, and watch a live demo of Open Supply Hub to illustrate how it can serve you in your work.

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