2023 Food and Beverage Open Data Challenge

We’re building and opening up the largest cross-commodity supply chain database available for the food & beverage sector. Join us!

Over the last year, we’ve spoken to hundreds of organizations working in food & beverage supply chains around the world.

  • The response: we need the ability to start connecting and working on supply chain improvements across landscapes, commodities and stakeholders as soon as possible.
  • The problem: everyone is waiting for someone else to move first.

That’s why we’re challenging stakeholders in the food & beverage sector to start sharing supply chain data on OS Hub as soon as possible.

The target? Get your first dataset on OS Hub by December 2023, so we can all start working with an easy-to-search base dataset showing where production sites are located and who is connected to them. The faster the dataset grows, the more impact we can build together and the easier it will be for the sector to continue to move toward open and collaborative work.

Why share supply chain data on OS Hub?

Are you:

  • trying to meet the demands of deforestation legislation but are struggling to get your data into a format that can connect easily with the platforms and tools you need?

  • working on reducing GHG emissions in your supply chain and wish you knew who was also sourcing from the same facilities so you could co-invest and collaborate?

  • implementing living wage or worker support programs and want to understand who else is doing the same in the regions/production sites where you operate?

Opening up supply chain data in a standardized and easy-to-search platform is the first step toward achieving the desired result of each of these scenarios and more.

And you won’t be the first! The food & beverage dataset is the fastest growing sector in OS Hub, with data already available from Alliance for Water Stewardship*, Apical Group*, Amazon, Asda, Marks & Spencer*, Morrisons*, Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil*, Target Corporation, Uludag Exporters Association*, Waitrose (via John Lewis Partnership) Walt Disney Company, Wikirate, and more.

Whether you’re a brand, certification scheme, service provider, cooperative, civil society organization, factory or production site, your data is welcome in OS Hub. We need everyone’s data to begin to work collectively. And it isn’t all or nothing. Start with one tier, product, project or program. Every step forward is progress for all.

*Asterisks refer to publicly available datasets that have been added to OS Hub by the OS Hub data team.

How to get started?

Working in a sector other than food & beverage? Open Supply Hub serves all sectors and supply chains - your data is welcome and we’re here to support you. This is just one of many efforts to build momentum around open supply chain data.

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