Sürdürülebilir Üretim Dergisi: First Step in Compliance with Legislation: Transparency

September 2023

Many new regulations and obligations, especially the European Green Deal, hold companies responsible for all their operations and their possible impacts. In order to accurately determine and predict these impacts, transparency is needed, and an environment that will allow brands, manufacturers, civil society and even states to work together for the most efficient solution that will benefit everyone. This collaborative and inclusive environment is offered free of charge to all stakeholders by the Open Supply Hub (OS Hub) platform.

[Summary translated from original publication in Turkish]

The European Green Deal, which emerged as a result of the European Union's goal of becoming a climate-neutral continent; It forms the basis of a major transformation in many areas such as energy, transportation, agriculture and industry. If you are one of the companies preparing for new legislation and obligations, there is a step that will make your job much easier: supply chain transparency.

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