June 15, 2024 Release Notes

Updates and new features are regularly developed and released on Open Supply Hub, often based on feedback from users like you. Read what was included in the most recently released set of changes.

Here’s what you can expect from the most recent updates to Open Supply Hub:

Interaction Improvements:

  • Claiming - Included in this release is a new version of the claims submission form, which was designed to streamline the workflow and consolidate the information claimants need to upload.
    • Are you the owner or manager of a production location listed on OS Hub? Click on the I want to claim this production location link at the top of the profile to make use of this updated process.
  • Header & Footer Updates - Did you know that Open Supply Hub has a blog? You can access the blog from the header or footer on our website.

Resolved Bugs:

  • Number of Workers - Data for number of workers can be submitted via a list upload or API contribution as well as from the updated claim submission form or claim editing page. Previously, there was logic that allowed number of workers to be entered as an exact number (e.g. 100) or a range (e.g. 100-200) from list or API contributions; however, number of workers could only be submitted as an exact number from the claims submission form or claim editing page. Now, you can enter an exact number or a range from all places where number of workers data can be added.

  • Account Activation Link - When you create an account on OS Hub, you need to click on the account activation link that's sent to your email in order to verify your account address. We previously updated the error message that is displayed when you attempt to login but haven't yet clicked the activation link; however, there was an issue where a more generic error message displayed if you tried to login and had entered your account email using any upper case characters. Now, if you attempt to login before clicking the activation link, you'll receive an error message that directs you to click the activation link no matter how you've entered your account email.

New features and updates like these are often built based on feedback from OS Hub users. If you have any questions about these updates or would like to make a suggestion for future improvements, please contact us.

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