January 27, 2024 Release Notes

Updates and new features are regularly developed and released on Open Supply Hub, often based on feedback from users like you. Read what was included in the most recently released set of changes.

Here’s what you can expect from the most recent updates to Open Supply Hub:

Interaction Improvements:

  • Search: We've improved search so that the search filter handles both unaccented and accented versions of a word. For example, a facility with the word "José" in it will be returned whether your search filter is "José" or "Jose".

Technical / Backend Updates:

  • React Testing: Expanded test coverage for React components and eliminated circular dependencies in the existing test library.

  • Refactoring: Updated the download component to use an updated version of FacilityIndex so that future development of download features that need to be distinct between Embedded Map downloads and downloads from the OS Hub site are easier to implement.

  • Testing Improvements (General):

    • Added linters for JS and Python code that run on each commit.

    • Implemented code coverage checks that run on each commit.

    • Updated code quality checks for Front-End and Backend system to run in parallel.

Resolved Bugs:

  • Blank Entries in Download: An issue that affected certain searches and caused there to be blank entries in the name field of the downloaded file has been resolved.

  • Contributor Profile: An issue that prevented contributor profile pages from being opened from facility profile pages has been resolved.

  • CSV Download: An issue that caused the download to hang when a user attempted to download data in .csv format has been resolved.

New features and updates like these are often built based on feedback from OS Hub users. If you have any questions about these updates or would like to make a suggestion for future improvements, please contact us.

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