Researcher Case Study: HSBC

OS Hub has saved HSBC countless hours of accessing and formatting individual supplier lists, as we worked to analyze location data for thousands of suppliers for our ESG research report on retail supply chains.

HSBC leveraging OS Hub data for ESG research

HSBC’s Global Banking and Markets team used OS Hub data as part of their broader ESG work on supply chains and transparency, analyzing location data for thousands of suppliers. Instead of having to access and clean supplier lists from individual organizations in a variety of formats, they were able to quickly access and download supplier facility location data for many retailers in one central location and in one clear format.

While it is known that OS Hub does not yet hold all of the world’s apparel facilities, HSBC identified it as a great first step toward better analysis of the geographical footprints of retailers’ supplier lists and transparency across the sector.

The unique OS Hub ID has also been growing into a more and more powerful tool for improving data collection across the sector, allowing their team to better understand which facilities are supplying multiple retailers/brands.

OS Hub data – and the analysis around it – was published in the HSBC ESG research report on retail supply chains, which has formed an important part of the organization’s broader discussions with clients (e.g. asset managers) on supply chain / transparency and general ESG risks in the retail sector.

Founded in 1865, HSBC is one of the world’s largest banking and financial services organizations.

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