Tech Matters Podcast: Mapping the Global Supply Chain

April 2024

Our Executive Director, Natalie Grillon, shared our story, the impactful work we do, and our vision for the future on the Tech Matter Podcast.

Open Supply Hub is more than just a database; it's a movement towards a more ethical and sustainable future. By crowdsourcing data and providing a unique identifier for facilities, they've created a system that benefits everyone from brands to auditors and even the workers themselves.

Today's conversation covers the inception of Open Supply Hub and its evolution. Executive Director Natalie Grillon recounts her time in Uganda, working with an agricultural development company as part of a global fellowship with Acumen. This experience, coupled with her exposure to the aftermath of the heart-breaking Rana Plaza collapse, fueled her determination to make a change. She realized the powerlessness of consumers and farmers alike within the opaque supply chain and set out to empower them with the data they deserved.

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