Sourcing Journal: How Many Facilities Have Been Affected by Turkey’s Earthquake?

February 2023

Sourcing Journal writes: "A custom dataset, based on the approximate coordinates of the worst-hit areas, narrows down the available facilities to those most likely affected by the disaster.

At least 9,210 apparel, footwear and textile manufacturers surround the epicenters of two powerful earthquakes that struck southeastern Turkey and northern Syria on Monday [6 February 2023], killing more than 23,600 people and leaving hundreds of thousands homeless.

The actual number could be higher.
Open Supply Hub, the open-source database formerly known as the Open Apparel Registry, hasn’t mapped every apparel supplier in the world, though it has made significant strides since it began collating previously disparate factory lists and standardizing name and address data in 2018. To date, it has leveraged data from hundreds of contributors to peg 90,000 garment and textile producers across 155 countries.

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