July 13, 2024 Release Notes

Updates and new features are regularly developed and released on Open Supply Hub, often based on feedback from users like you. Read what was included in the most recently released set of changes.

Here’s what you can expect from the most recent updates to Open Supply Hub:

Refactoring, Automation and Architecture Changes:

  • Production-Locations Endpoint - As part of work related to search functionality, we are creating a new endpoint called v1/production-locations to support some of the functionality currently enabled by the /facilities endpoint. This new endpoint will be used for search-related features that leverage the OpenSearch architecture.

Resolved Bugs:

  • Uploading Latitude and Longitude Coordinates - An issue that prevented data from being processed when uploading latitude and longitude coordinates (using the column headers lat and lng) has been resolved. The issue was caused by there being one or more empty cells in the columns that contained latitude and longitude data.
  • Commas in List Names - Commas were previously not allowed in list names, which created an issue when, for example, a contributor wanted to name their list as Company, Ltd. This issue has been addressed and contributors can use any combination of the following character types in their list name: letters, numbers, spaces, apostrophe ('), hyphen (-), ampersand (&), period (.), parentheses (), and square brackets ([]). Characters that contain accents are not allowed.

New features and updates like these are often built based on feedback from OS Hub users. If you have any questions about these updates or would like to make a suggestion for future improvements, please contact us.

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