Brand Case Study: Esprit

OS Hub is a very credible tool and supports our transparency goals, which are a huge topic in our company.

Esprit improves supply chain data quality while mapping multiple tiers

Esprit has been working on mapping its supply chain for several years, beginning at a time when suppliers weren’t used to being asked to share this information with their clients. The brand has now mapped tiers 1 and 2 and some of tier 3 of its supply chain and shares all of this data on the OS Hub.

Esprit regularly updates its data on OS Hub both for the benefit of civil society users of the tool, but also to improve the quality of its own database.
The sustainability team shares the better quality address data it obtains from OS Hub with its vendor management team.

Esprit is currently working on mapping more of tier 3 of its operations, which it plans to publish on OS Hub when the process is complete.

Image shows the logo of Esprit.

Founded in 1968, Esprit has over 580 stores across 40 countries worldwide. Its network of suppliers spans 25 countries and includes hundreds of globally interlinked partners.

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