Increasing leverage, collaboration, and transparency in Devold of Norway’s fully mapped supply chain

For an SME (small and medium-sized enterprise) like Devold of Norway, Open Supply Hub provides accessible, specific insight on their suppliers, and enables early warning from stakeholders if there are environmental risks or human rights abuses in their extended supply chain.

A tool for “walking the talk” on transparency & collaboration

Open Supply Hub provides a platform where Devold can easily display and share information about their (as described by their team) fully traced supply chain, including the integration of a customized map on their website, to make the data easily accessible to civil society, trade unions, and the public. This embedded map also enables Devold to add key metrics of importance to them, such as the length of supplier relationships, workers' demographics, and freedom of association.

OS Hub is also a tool that allows Devold to go beyond compliance requirements around disclosure, as their public data can now easily be updated every six months, with more frequent updates if or when their supply chain base substantially changes.

With OS Hub, we can ‘walk the talk’ on transparency. We are openly sharing our business model of purchasing directly from wool growers and lower tiers for our manufacturing, which both provides accountability to all our stakeholders and showcases how working on quality and sustainability can strengthen the wool industry. We believe our level of openness will allow us to compete with our supply chain, rather than diminish our competitive edge.

Transparency is among our industry’s key enablers for protecting workers’ human rights in supply chains. With data sharing, we are not just inviting but also enabling organizations and companies to work together on remediation by being able to flag early whether products are produced with human rights abuses at more remote links in the chain. If we lay down obstacles to insight into our supply chain, we are acting in a manner contrary to our commitments to human rights.

- Trude Ertresvåg, Chief Sustainability Officer of Devold of Norway

Founded in 1853, Devold is Norway's leading high-quality wool clothing brand, with garments rigorously tested in challenging winter conditions. Devold of Norway serves two different markets, offering sports & leisure wear and protective work wear, designed to protect users against cold, heat and flames.

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