OS Hub's API transformed amfori BEPI's operations

By integrating with Open Supply Hub's API and adopting the OS ID system, amfori has been able to strengthen its Environmental Due Diligence tool, amfori BEPI.

Thanks to the integration with OS Hub’s API, we can collaborate with more partners who use the same identifiers, which allows us to analyze data in a simpler and more secure way.

As a result, we benefit from increased efficiency operation-wise.

amfori BEPI, which evaluates 8 Environmental Performance Areas, faced challenges in maintaining data integrity and avoiding duplication before this integration. The lack of a common ID system led to difficulties in correctly identifying sites for data sharing, often resulting in duplicate IDs and incorrect data extraction. This issue was critical in ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the environmental risk assessments provided to members.

The decision to connect with Open Supply Hub's API was driven by the size of the database and the need for a robust and unique identifier for each site, akin to a digital fingerprint. This integration facilitated a seamless entity validation process, ensuring correspondence between sites on amfori Sustainability Platform and other platforms. It also allowed for enhanced collaboration with partners using the same identifiers, simplifying and securing data analysis.

Thanks to the integration, amfori has been able to exchange data with the ZDHC, under collaboration and data-sharing agreements. As a result, members can now retrieve high-level aggregated results from the ZDHC Gateway on the amfori Sustainability Platform.

amfori and the ZDHC are both top of class organizations that strive for continuous improvement in sustainability, and who used the OS Hub’s API to join forces and maximize impact.

amfori, the ZDHC and OS Hub are working together on spreading the word about the benefits of the OS ID to preserve integrity during information sharing and partnerships for better supply chain sustainability performance and continuous improvement.

The integration with OS Hub's API has transformed amfori BEPI's operations. It has not only resolved previous challenges related to data integrity and duplication but has also enhanced the efficiency and reliability of environmental due diligence for global supply chains.

amfori BEPI is amfori’s Environmental Due Diligence solution, helping companies identify and target major environmental hotspots in their supply chains. By measuring 8 Environmental Performance Areas, it allows members to focus improvement efforts on potential risks relevant to their operational activities. amfori BEPI is aligned with global standards, founded on the principle of continuous improvement, and applicable by companies in various industries globally.

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