Vice: New Research Directly Links Western Fashion Brands to Deforestation

Vice, October 2021

"In an extensive list of 40 fashion brands—compiled as part of Parsons’ research, but unpublished and provided to VICE World News—virtually all those operating in the country were implicated in the problem to greater or lesser degrees. Drawing from the most recent public information available on the Open Apparel Registry, the rankings consider the number of factories used by a brand in which garment and forest wood burning is known to occur, while also accounting for the tonnage of wood known to be burned in those factories."

A drone hovers above, unnoticed by the workmen below, as a yellow excavator plunges its bucket into a large mound of wooden logs, black smoke spewing out its exhaust.

The footage pans out to show a vast expanse of timber piled high in a plot on the outskirts of the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh, serving as a mass graveyard for felled trees set to be transported to an adjacent factory.

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