The Interline: The Crucial First Step Towards More Sustainable Supply Chains: Better Data Management

The Interline, September 2020

Through working with OAR IDs alongside facility names, the simple way that contributors are presented on facility profiles and bringing information together in a consistent, centralized repository the OAR creates benefits for users across the entire sector. It eliminates confusion and facilitates collaboration for brands, factories, non-profits, trade associations, governments, unions, academics and more.

Anyone working in the industry knows how complex and fragmented apparel supply chains are, with even the simplest of items involving multiple suppliers across multiple continents. Following the mass up-take of off-shoring in the 80s and 90s, the supply chains of most global brands are thousands of miles away from their headquarters or the final point of sale. This physical distance makes keeping track of supply chains a complex and costly endeavour...

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