GIZMODO: The Fast Fashion Industry Could Drown Itself

GIZMODO, November 2021

"Researchers from Cornell first overlaid data from Climate Central on sea level rise and increased flooding by 2030 with maps of factory locations registered with the Open Apparel Registry, and open-source database that collects and streamlines data on manufacturing facilities in the apparel and footwear sectors."

Fast fashion is a growing source of carbon emissions. But those emissions could well be its undoing; carbon pollution is worsening climate change, including impacts in the heart of fast fashion garment hubs around the world.

A working paper published by Cornell University’s New Conversations Project in the School of Industrial and Labor Relations examines different ways the apparel industry might be forced to change in the wake of the global pandemic. It looks at everything from how online-only ordering is changing how supply chains operate to the possible impacts of climate change.

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