Apparel Insider: Navigating supply chains beyond COVID-19

Apparel Insider, May 2021

"A small handful of savvy, responsible brands will continue to prioritize transparency and open data."

There’s little doubt that shockwaves have been sent through the complex global supply chains that the apparel sector is built on as the impact of COVID-19 has been felt around the world. As major international brands raced to minimize losses driven by the forced closure of brick and mortar stores, logistical and safety challenges at warehouses and a downtick in consumer purchases, apparel sector headlines have been dominated by the ramifications this has on factory groups and workers in producing countries, highlighting the power imbalance of apparel supply chain procurement.

Like many others, the apparel sector is still reeling from the effects of the global lockdown prompted by COVID-19 and, while speculation abounds as to how different countries or industrial sectors will begin to emerge from the crisis, it’s hard to say what the short-term outcomes will be for the apparel sector...

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