Open Data Standard: Partnerships and Community Manager Contract (Remote)

About Open Supply Hub

Open Supply Hub (OS Hub) is a free and open data tool mapping retail supply chain facilities worldwide and allocating a unique ID to each. The tool is used by stakeholders across many sectors to eliminate confusion and facilitate collaboration, enable interoperability across systems and tackle the long-standing problem of facility identification. We are built on the principles of open: open data, open communications patterns, openness to ideas and new ways of working. We are a mission-driven organization and respect and value our stakeholders - they make OS Hub what it is: a tool enabling collaboration across retail sectors.

Our Commitment

OS Hub is committed to creating an inclusive and representative environment. All qualified individuals will receive consideration without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status.

Contract Description

OS Hub is currently at an exciting stage of development and is looking for a Partnerships and Community Manager focused on the development of a Global Supply Chain Open Data Standard (ODS). This role is at the core of the ODS, and will act as a key facilitator and manager for this highly collaborative and strategic initiative. OS Hub is partnering with Mapped In Bangladesh and Wikirate to initiate the collaborative development of an open data standard and ecosystem. Wikirate and Mapped in Bangladesh bring respective expertise, partners, stakeholder relationships, and learning to the project. This contractor will hold vital responsibilities such as partnership management, community engagement, tracking/reporting, and technical standard development and support. The contractor's expertise will result in a seamless and successful collaboration that results in a widely adopted standard.

Statement of Work

Open Supply Hub envisions a world where supply chain data is open, trusted and harnessed to benefit people and planet. Currently incompatible data formats, lack of data standards, and limited interoperability make it challenging to see the fuller picture within supply chains. OS Hub and partners are shepherding the development of an exchange standard to make it easier for organizations to share, analyze and disseminate supply chain information. To make the standard a reality a Partnerships and Community Manager is needed.

This hands-on role is the heartbeat of the Open Data Exchange Standard for Supply Chains, its main goal is to get other organizations excited about, contributing to and integrating with the Open Data Standard. The primary activities are building partnerships and community management, facilitation and management of the overall program. This work should not only keep all partners aware of the status of the work, but engaged and excited to build it together.

The ODS Partnerships and Community Manager will report to the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and collaborate with the Product Team, Stakeholder Engagement Team, and various external stakeholders.


Community Engagement

  • Organize and build excitement around the concept of an open data standard for supply chains across different stakeholders including brands, governments, technical service providers and open data initiatives.

  • Build processes and systems for individuals and organizations to contribute to and utilize the standard itself. This includes setting up documentation, ticketing flows and discussion forums.

  • Promote the standard in the broader supply chain and open data ecosystem

  • Help new contributors getting involved in using, advocating and developing the standard

  • Send engaging updates about activities happening around the standard

  • Build spaces and processes with the community to ease contribution and onboarding

Partnership Management

  • Engage with and onboard partners onto usage of the standard this includes decision making roles within organizations and technical teams implementing the standard itself.

  • Once the standard is developed it will be necessary to facilitate and track progress of integration of the standard by partners. Potential roadblocks may need to be addressed and progress shared across partners.

  • Coordinating between technical teams at each partner, identifying and unblocking dependencies and generally making sure there is a shared understanding of deliverables between internal teams and external stakeholders

  • Resolve and escalate partner issues as needed

Technical Standard Development and Support

  • Drafting examples of use of the standard including mock API calls and JSON

  • Troubleshooting challenges in implementation of the standard


  • Coordinate across cross-functional stakeholders to identify constraints, dependencies, issues

  • Maintenance of a collaborative roadmap of the standard

  • Summarize meetings and send out status to partners

  • Creation of status reports for different audiences in mind including partners, donors and the Open Supply Hub Board of Directors.

Contractor Experience

  • 5+ years experience with Partnerships and Community Engagement

  • At least 2 years of experience working with Open Data Standards and Protocols

  • Experience working to exchange data between organizations

  • Understanding of open data and open-source ecosystems

  • Previous involvement in standards development

  • Strong communication skills

  • Experience with JSON and REST APIs

  • Previous open community management experience

  • Experience building out onboard documentation and processes

  • Strong skills creating engaging analysis and reporting

  • Experience working with a geographically dispersed team in a remote environment


This is an 11 month contract at 40 hours per week with the compensation range of $78,000 - $87,000 USD. Compensation within this range will be commensurate with the candidate’s experience and location.

Eligible Countries

This position is fully remote but must overlap with the pacific time zone by at least 2 hours. Partners for this project are based in North America, Europe and Bangladesh and flexibility is required to meet/work synchronously with team members in these locations.


To apply for this position, please submit an application via the link below. Any questions can be directed to with the subject line: ODS Partnerships and Community Manager Application.

Deadline: December 31, 2023

Evaluation Stages

  • Phone Screen: At our company, we use VideoAsk for video interviews with our top 10 candidates. In the video interview, there are 3 questions and you have up to 3 minutes to respond to each question. You can re-record your answer as many times as you wish, knowing our team will only see your final answer. As a small team across multiple time zones, video phone screens are an effective way for us to connect with candidates asynchronously. This approach helps candidates get to know us better, while also allowing us to efficiently move our interview process forward.

  • 1st Interview: This is a 60 minute interview with OS Hub's Product Manager and Product Sales & Marketing Manager. This interview will focus on who we are, your past work experience and technical skill set. We provide time for the candidate to ask any questions they might have about the role and organization.

  • 2nd Interview: This is a 60 minute interview with OS Hub's CTO & Senior Data Product Associate focusing on the technical requirements of the position.

  • Reference Checks: We will request 3 references prior to a contract offer.

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